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February 16-29, 2012 Statistics

FDCPA and Other Consumer Lawsuit Statistics, February 16-29, 2012

There were about 526 lawsuits filed under consumer statutes in the second half of February 2012.

Here is an approximate breakdown:

 422 FDCPA
 129 FCRA
 44 TCPA
 37 TILA

 Of those cases, there were about 535 unique plaintiffs (including multiple plaintiffs in one suit).
 Of those plaintiffs, about 214, or 40%, had sued under consumer statutes before.
 Combined, those plaintiffs have filed about 1050 lawsuits since 2001
 Actions were filed in 120 different US District Court branches.
 About 588 different collection firms and creditors were sued.
The top courts where lawsuits were filed:

 46 Lawsuits: California Central District Court - Western Division - Los Angeles
 35 Lawsuits: Illinois Northern District Court - Chicago
 29 Lawsuits: Colorado District Court - Denver
 19 Lawsuits: Pennsylvania Eastern District Court - Philadelphia
 17 Lawsuits: Minnesota District Court - Dmn
 17 Lawsuits: New York Eastern District Court - Brooklyn
 14 Lawsuits: Florida Southern District Court - Miami
 12 Lawsuits: California Southern District Court - San Diego
 12 Lawsuits: California Northern District Court - San Francisco
 11 Lawsuits: New York Southern District Court - White Plains

Statistics Year to Date:

     1968 total lawsuits for 2012, including:
           1685 FDCPA
           402 FCRA
           153 TCPA
           150 TILA
Number of Unique Plaintiffs: 2025 (including multiple plaintiffs in one suit)
The most active consumer attorneys of the year:

 Representing 59 Consumers: Sergei Lemberg
 Representing 52 Consumers: Craig T Kimmel
 Representing 47 Consumers: David M Larson
 Representing 31 Consumers: Joseph M Meinhardt
 Representing 29 Consumers: David J Philipps


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